agility in a sentence

An athlete must have a lot of agility.

Kabaddi is a game of strength and agility.

Their agility and co-ordination impressed one and all.

He impressed the spectators with his strength and agility.

Football is not just a game of physical strength but also requires mental agility.

His speed and agility has given him the status of a celebrity.

It is the agility and presence of mind that saved me from this difficult situation.

Peregrine falcon is a very popular bird because of its speed, agility and efficient hunting.

He is known for his agility.

Yoga enhances mental agility and physical stamina.

Bazigars or acrobats will display their agility by displaying their amazing feats.

He failed to match the agility and speed of his rival.

Tongue twisters are ideal for tongue agility and hence enhance clarity.

This game does not require any strength, stamina or agility.

Agility needs to be maintained by the players to avoid frequent run outs.

I am working hard on my fitness and agility.

The focus of this workshop is fitness and agility.

An athlete must have a lot of agility.

At times, we are surprised at her agility.

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