adversity in a Sentence

Sweet are the uses of adversity.

You have laid me under a great obligation by helping me in my adversity.

Who will help you in adversity?

Adversity is the real test of friendship.

Friends fall off in adversity.

The man in adversity often appears in his true colours.

Fair weather friends will turn their back upon you in adversity.

Fair weather friends fall off in adversity.

A man who stands by his friends in adversity is a true friend.

Friendship is tested in adversity.

He won’t desert us in time of adversity.

Friendship is tested in adversity.

Man’s character is tested in the fire of adversity.

A selfish friend falls off in adversity.

All the kith and kin fall off in adversity.

Friendship is tested in times of adversity.

Prosperity wins friends, adversity tests them.

We should not take adversity as a misfortune.

He finds sweetness in this adversity.

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