adverse in a sentence

Man has started realizing the adverse impact of technological progress on the environment.

In adverse circumstances, I act without keeping real facts in view.

Under adverse circumstances, some people break records and others break down.

Trust in God and acts like a shield against every adverse circumstance.

During adverse circumstances, try to remain choosy with words.

I know how to fight the adverse circumstances and take them face to face when the need arises.

Without facing adverse circumstances, we can’t enjoy the fruits of prosperity.

Selfish friends leave you in the lurch when you are under adverse circumstances.

Camel is known for its ability to rough it out in the most adverse of circumstances.

Bursting crackers during the Diwali festivals have a lot of adverse effects on health.

Excessive exercise can lead to adverse effects on your body.

Aluminium may have an adverse impact on our bone health.

Drinking coffee before eating anything can have adverse effects on one’s health.

Take a deep breath whenever you find yourself in an adverse situation.

Fast foods contain greasy foods which have an adverse effect on the cardiovascular system

Smoking has a adverse effect on your health.

It can have an adverse effect on the skin.

Too much sunbathing can have an adverse effect on your skin.

Too much of zinc can have adverse effects.

Using headphones at high volumes or wearing them for long period can have adverse effects on our health.

It can have an adverse effect on your health.

The officer gave an adverse report.

She never goes out in adverse weather conditions.

We should never lose hearts in adverse circumstances.

This has adverse effects on our lifestyles.

He can overcome any adverse situation.

Almost all human beings face adverse circumstances.

He faces adverse circumstances boldly.

They easily lose their self-confidence and cannot face adverse circumstances boldly.

All intoxicants have an adverse effect on health.

I will not be able to work in such adverse conditions.

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