adventure in a sentence

Some people traveled for love of adventure.

He was the king who conquered lands for the love of adventure.

The life of a snake-charmer is full of adventure.

Bold people do adventure always in their life.

Doing adventure is the most exciting experience of life.

Mountain climbing is a sport which is filled with romance and adventure.

Adventure means differently from person to person as it gives different feelings and experiences.

It is time for some adventure.

There is no dearth of options in adventure sports.

Are you an adventure freak?

There are many who are taking up adventure as a full-time profession.

Adventure lovers are everywhere.

I am in love with adventure sport.

He has played a vital role in promoting adventure activities.

New Zealand is a heaven for adventure lovers.

Adventure sports are gaining wide popularity.

This place has become a global destination for religious and adventure tourism.

Can you experience the thrill of an adventure here?

When are you packing your bags for some real adventure?

Are you ready for an adventure trip?

This is an adventure trip.

I am alive to all the hardships of my adventure.

I like reading mysteries and adventure books.

I have full account of the adventure.

He regaled us with wonderful stories of adventure.

Their thirst for adventure took them to many strange places.

The fruits of adventure have not always been sweet or healthy.

Crossing a desert has always been a risky adventure.

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