advent in a sentence

With the advent of adolescence girls gain weight and become stronger.

Since the advent of modern medicine, human life has changed immensely.

Many of us blame the advent of technology for making our memory take a back seat.

The advent of technology has got the World closer.

With the advent of allopathy medicine, most of us had forgotten Ayurveda medicine.

With the advent of monsoon, people are very much relieved after the hot summer and the scorching heat.

Before the advent of modern medicine, people used natural remedies to cure disorders and ailments.

The advent of the supermarket brought a new sense to the word mall.

With the advent of new technology everything can be found online through the internet.

With the advent of hybrids, many new varieties of blueberries are arriving in the market.

There are many beliefs prevalent about the advent of nose rings in Indian culture.

With the advent of Google map, no place is an unfamiliar territory.

With the advent of mobile phones and laptops, you are always carrying work with you.

The advent of monsoon brings about the much needed relief from the scorching summers.

With the advent of pottery, clay lamps became popular.

Advent is the season of the year leading up to Christmas.

Advent is the first season in the church year.

This phenomenon is responsible for the advent of rainy season after the summer season.

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