admit in a sentence

I admit that I was wrong.

I wish to admit my child in your school.

Why do you want to admit your child to this school?

He was too obstinate to admit that he was in the wrong.

I cannot admit of your excuse.

I must admit that I was wrong.

When will you admit your fault ?

He will never admit having made this mistake.

I admit I am wrong.

He will never admit having done that.

I admit my mistake.

He does tell a lie, but does not admit it.

I admit that you have done the best.

You must admit it.

It seems that they will have to admit defeat in the elections.

We must admit that sorrows and sufferings are the inseparable part of human existence.

We must admit our fault.

You should admit your fault.

Whether you admit or not the fault is yours.

She had the decency to admit that she had made a mistake.

The university authorities will scrutinize your certificates before they admit you.

I admit that I am fallible.

He will never admit having done that.

He did not admit his fault..

Do you admit the bond ?

We made him admit his mistake.

We admit that we have made a mistake.

The Principal has agreed to admit my child to her school.

Everybody will admit that he did his best.

We do not admit it.

Do you admit the bond ?

All must admit that he was a great writer.

The Principal refused to admit them to this school.

They don’t admit failed students.

He had the courage to admit his mistake.

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