Admire in a Sentence

We admire the brave.

She is the woman to admire.

I admire his sincerity and ambition a great deal.

He likes others to admire him.

She likes others to admire her.

I admire your hard work and dedication.

I admire your wisdom

I admire your loyalty.

This is the girl whom all admire.

With all his faults I admire him.

I admire her only when she looks beautiful.

I admire your courage and sagacity.

I admire your honesty.

We admire him.

This is a thing to admire.

I really admire your culinary skills.

I admire the natural beauty of this place.

He likes others to admire him.

I admire her womanish virtues.

We admire her for her bravery.

People always admire this picture.

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