acting in a sentence

You are distracting us.

Stop distracting me.

Think twice before acting.

He is not acting upon my advice.

His acting gave him great amusement.

He reflects before acting.

He’s acting like an idiot.

His acting was so touching that the audience could not help weeping.

She was not acting upon my advice.

Avoid acting hastily without considering the possible consequences.

I have won a prize in an Inter-School mono-acting competition.

I like him for his first class acting and forceful dialogue.

She brought down the house by her fine acting on the stage.

A number of our troubles are the result of acting before thinking.

She is only acting.

He is acting in a drama.

Are you interested in acting ?

You were acting nicely on the stage.

She is natural and talented in her acting.

He soon got into hot water for not acting upon the advice of his father.

She was acting as a Headmistress.

They practised for many days for the right type of acting.

I was given a special prize for good acting at the end of the drama.

He is acting foolishly.

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