achievement in a sentence

You made a misuse of your achievement.

We are happy at your splendid achievement.

It was a marvellous achievement.

He made up his mind to strain his every nerve for the achievement of his mission of life.

I am proud of the achievement.

He worked earnestly for the achievement of this object.

It is not a small achievement.

What achievement has he made ?

This book was the summit of her achievement as a writer.

His achievement is amazing.

It is really a splendid achievement and we are all proud of you.

This is no ordinary achievement.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your brilliant achievement.

It is a great achievement indeed.

It is a remarkable achievement.

He was pleased with his achievement.

It is a great achievement.

You deserved this achievement.

She prided herself on her achievement.

It is an achievement of which you ought to be proud.

She prided on her achievement.

Is it not a great achievement of science ?

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