abroad in a sentence

He has major health issues and has been taken abroad.

He wants to go abroad for a holiday

Do you have any plan of going abroad ?

I went abroad during the summer vacation.

He sent his son abroad for higher studies, regardless of expense.

He is going abroad for six months.

You should not hinder your brother from going abroad.

He has given up the idea of going abroad.

He wished to go abroad for higher studies.

He is going abroad next week.

Tourists must apply for a passport to travel abroad.

If I were you I would have sent my son abroad for higher studies.

He is looking for an opportunity to go abroad.

He is so much devoted to his wife, he will never go abroad without her.

Many Indians go abroad for money.

We shall be soon going abroad.

I would like to go abroad.

He is studying abroad.

At present times, many wish to go abroad for settling down there.

I intend to go abroad for higher studies.

His company was sending him abroad for higher training.

I have no plans to go abroad.

I am going abroad next month.

He wants to sell all his chattels as he is going abroad.

I want to go abroad.

Has he gone abroad ‘?

Do you plan to go abroad for higher studies

He went abroad at the age of 40.

synonyms of abroad



in foreign lands

in foreign parts

out of the country




antonyms of abroad

at home

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