victory in a sentence

We all rejoiced over the victory. It was a glorious victory. I am confident to secure victory. He had won his victory. It was the moment of his victory. Undisciplined soldiers can not win victory in the battlefield. He guessed our victory. He persevered in his efforts and gained victory. Our victory is certain. His … Read more

test in a sentence

He got a opportunity to qualify in the test. The teacher did not give us a test. It is not easy to get a place in this school, you have to pass a written test for it. My sister will be taking a test. He could not qualify the test. The teacher did not give … Read more

storm in a sentence

I was blinded in the storm. The storm continued for about two hours. The ship lost its sail in the storm. For full one hour the storm roared. I was caught in a storm yesterday. He will reach home before the storm will come. Suddenly a furious storm began to blow. The boat was sunk … Read more

sad in a sentence

His memories make me sad. This sad news gave us a shock. Why do you look so sad and gloomy to-day ? Are you sad ? I came to know why he was sad. It is very sad that you have failed in the examination. He is sad and lonely in life. I do not … Read more

preparing in a sentence

I was preparing the speech. During these days students are preparing for their examinations. They are preparing to evacuate the area. He doesn’t spend much time preparing his lessons. Is she preparing for the test ? Is your brother preparing for some examination ? My younger brother is preparing for the final enamination. I was … Read more

pocket in a sentence

She could not pocket her insult. He has some money in his pocket. There are five rupees in my pocket. I had left home without money in my pocket. Take out if anything you have in your pocket. If you are a self-respecting man, you will never pocket an insult. What is in your pocket … Read more