rise in a sentence

No sooner did the sun rise than the fog disappeared. He wishes to rise high in life therefore he works day and night. It is healthy to rise early. A sudden rise in the prices of essential commodities has hit the common man hard. Does the sun rise in the east ? You can’t rise … Read more

rights in a sentence

A citizen has several rights. He performs his duties well. Honest and impartial newspapers can protect the rights of people. Mandela won international acclaim for his sacrifices for the cause of human rights and freedom. The consumers should be guided with regard to their rights and privileges. People should be educated and well aware of … Read more

provides in a sentence

The newspaper provides us with up-to-date information about important political events, and topics of general interest. The beauty of nautre not only provides peace and pleasure but also inspires. A morning walk provides exercise for the body. It provides a carefree atmosphere. Cinema provides employment to millions of people across the country. Medical science provides … Read more

left in a sentence

He had left home without money. He left his house in the middle of the night. Why was the job being left by him ? This book has left a deep impression on my mind. I have not heard from you ever since you left this place. The train will have left before my arrival. … Read more

free in a sentence

He fought hard to free his counter. It is free from irrelevant material. You have a lot of free time but I haven’t much. If we want to enjoy good health, our life must be free from cares and anxieties. No one is free from faults. Few people are free from faults. He is given … Read more

fine in a sentence

The bridegroom was dressed in very fine clothes. He is a fine player of foot-ball. It’s a fine night. This is a fine opportunity. Sometimes people have lost fine opportunities in life by being late for only a few minutes. He puts on fine clothes. It is fine to hear from a friend like you … Read more