terrible in a sentence

What a terrible storm it is ! Last year I witnessed a terrible bus accident. You have made a terrible mistake. May God give you strength to bear this terrible blow. What a terrible sight! It was a terrible sight to see. What a terrible sight it was ! They are in a terrible state … Read more

smell in a sentence

There was a good smell of food cooking in the air. These roses smell sweetly. The smell of these flowers are sweet. He was attracted by the smell of food. Can you smell those nice flowers ? Your hands smell of fish. The flowers smell sweet. The smell coming from this drain is very bad. … Read more

profession in a sentence

This is the profession I wish to adopt in life. What is his profession or social status ? This profession will give peace and satisfaction to mind. What is your profession ? Agriculture is a major profession in this country. The profession of a teacher is very respectable. His profession brings out the best in … Read more

preparations in a sentence

The preparations for marriage start many days in advance. The preparations are not equal to the occasion. His preparations are sub-standard. He has made all preparations for retirement. Great preparations were made for the event. Great preparations are made to celebrate it. They have made all preparations for the journey. Whale oil is used in … Read more

launched in a sentence

Satellites and spacecrafts have been launched for various purposes. The Rural Sports Programme was launched in 1970-71. Gandhiji launched the Quit India Movement in 1942. The government has launched various schemes to provide employment to the unemployed. The National Literacy Mission was launched in 1988. The scheme of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was launched in 2001. … Read more

jail in a sentence

He was released from the jail. He visited him in the jail regularly. He was sentenced to jail for a year. He was sent to jail. He was sent to jail a number of times. He escaped from the jail. You shall be sent to jail. He is in jail. He tried to escape from … Read more